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Akure People Reject Proposed Annex Status for the State Specialist Hospital, Akure

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The people of Akure yesterday rejected the proposal by the implementation committee on health institutions in the state which proposed an annex status for the State Specialist Hospital in Akure.

The committee which was headed by a former Head of service in the state and the S.A to the Governor on Union matters, Mr. Alaba Isijola stated that the state is in dire need of a Teaching Hospital which will serve the University of Medical Sciences in Ondo and also provide tertiary health care to the people of the state.

The committee which met with the Akure people for about four hours at the Afunbiowo Hall at the Deji’s Palace said they were in consultation with the Akure people in order to get their input on the very important matter.

The committee also informed the Akure people that they were considering citing the hospital in Ondo while looking at making Akure an annex. The people of Akure unanimously and vehemently rejected the proposal. They argued that it is illogical to consider taking any tertiary institution outside the state capital let alone considering making it an annex.

However, the committee has promised to look into the strong argument raised by the Akure people over the matter and had promise to continue with the dialogue until a compromise is reached.

Other members of the implementation committee include the commissioner for information, Mr. Yemi Olowolabi and the SSA to the governor Governor on on policy and research, Mr. Jones Ogunmusere.

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