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GoGreen Africa Initiative GAI – A Fast Growing Network of Agric Enthusiasts

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GoGreen Africa Initiative (GAI) is a fast growing network of agric enthusiasts poised to convert the ever present potentials bestowed by nature into economic buoyancy.

A social solution to building fast, resilient and sustainable enterprise driven economy, with almost 2,000 members daily cross-ferterlizing ideas through Telegram, GAI is fast becoming a veritable demand and supply hub for everything agro-business.

GoGreen Africa is geared towards combining right skills, leadership and available economic resource and to create the desirable economic outlook for the continent beginning with Nigeria.

It is a fact that no nation is freer than its level of economic dependence, this is what Singapore’s most celebrated leader Lee Kuan Yew observed, in his attempt to define how the first world impoverished the third world. In the world of corporate diplomacy, it is said, “whosoever pays the bills sets the rules.”

In 1969 Lee Kuan Yew decision to rescue his nation from the great depression faced stiff opposition while he sought for alliance with the United States to take up some of his citizens to be trained. The United States refused. However Germany was able to accept the offer. The basic implication is that the leader refused the grant and aids philosophy, indeed after the citizens returned, empowered with skills to drive their local economy, they assisted Singapore in the fight against recession through their voluntary financial contributions.

Africa’s case is not as worse as Singapore. But the challenge is lack of economically responsive leadership.

GoGreen Africa is fostering the required economic resurgence across Africa. The organization engages youths and stakeholders in discussion to find common ground for the economic freedom of Africa.

GoGreen explores Africa’s unlimited potentials in Agriculture and other valuable natural resources together with equipping the required manpower that will be committed to influencing positive outcomes for the economy of the continent.

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