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Security No peace until Nigeria gives us our share of the land – Miyetti Allah

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The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore has spoken out against Fulani representatives in the National Assembly saying that they have failed to protect them and are only interested in eating money.

Speaking to Channels TV, the Secretary-General of the group, Saleh Al-Hassan, said that the Fulani Herdsmen don’t bear arms and that the people of Berom were also the ones to instigate the conflict.

“Our elite have failed to protect us. Our National Assembly members that are of Fulani background are just there collecting money. They can’t protect their people. They don’t want to come out to say the truth.” he sa

He also added that there would be no peace until the Fulani saw justice done.

“If you have injustice in the land, you can only end up with negativity. There is nowhere you will find citizens being denied their economic rights and then you expect that there will be peace in that kind of place. What we are saying is give us a share of the land resources in this country.”

He claimed that Fulani were also killed in Plateau and that they were taking the state government to the ECOWAS court in a bid to win N40bn in damages for what they claim is over 5000 of their own dead.

“So, no Berom man should begin to raise any moral justification. They are the ones that don’t want peace,”

Source: The Herald Newspaper

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