S’West PDP: Makinde Was Not Rude, Atofarati Reveals

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S’West PDP: Makinde Was Not Rude, Atofarati Reveals

Chief Sanya Atofarati, a high chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, on Saturday reacted to the allegation levelled by some state chairmen of the party that Governor Seyi Makinde insulted the National Working committee.

He revealed that Makinde is a very respectful personality and would never insult people, not even to insult those in opposition parties. How much more his counterparts in PDP.

Atofarati shed more light on the issue when he stated clearly that “A number of people have misconstrued Gov. Seyi Makinde’s statement to be A threat when he said that it was in the best interest of the party to allow the zonal congress hold on April 10th as a postponement will allow for unnecessary delay in making the next move towards the progress of the party.”

He further appealed to all party members and stakeholders to pay more attention to working in unison regardless of diverse interests to restore the party to her former formidable state.

“Unity is key if we must take over more than one state in Southwest from the opposition party. So, let’s work together with the only Governor we have at the moment for progress.”

Atofarati finally called on all state chairmen to not allow division in the party.

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