I am available to promote your business (offline & online) and events to my loyal visitors daily to the extent that you get great value for your money. It is not compulsory you have a website before I can promote your business, but if interested, I can help you set up one for a token.

There are wide variety of pocket friendly advertisement options to choose from:

Sponsored Post

I can publish a sponsored post about you, your event, website, blog and business with all links in the post always live and connected to your site. Going for this option will make your info stick to the homepage of my website for a period of 30 days, irrespective of the number of posts published after your sponsored post. Note that your information will be permanently available on John Osasan Online for as long as the website exits, it also guarantees you 30 days of unhindered promo on all my Social Networks.

Banner Ads

I accept banner ads, and with my adserver you are guaranteed access to live report of your adverts such as number of views, clicks and the CTR. Banner ads on my website are seen by users of computers and mobile devices.

Advert Rates

S/N                   Description                      Rate/Day(N)                  Rate/Week(N)
1.                       300×60 Banner                   2,000                                  14,000
2.                       468×60 Banner                   3,000                                  21,000
3.                       300×250 Banner                 5,000                                  35,000
4.                       768×100 Banner                 6,000                                  42,000
5.                       300×600 Banner                 8,000                                  56,000

6.                       Sponsored Post                  N50,000 flat rate for 30 days.

Banner Specification

All banners must be provided in JPEG, PNG, SWF, GIF and are expected to be submitted three (3) days before campaign launch.


*Your advert on my website will be desktop and mobile optimized.
*Your advert banner will feature on every page of the website
*Once your post is published, it will be posted on my Facebook page, Twitter TL, and all my affiliate Telegram groups/channels.
*All ads should be sent in jpeg or gif format to not later than 2 working days prior to insertion
*Please include your name and the URL to which your ad should link. (If available)
*All ads on must be prepaid, and the minimum number of days advertisers can pay for is 7 days.

For enquiries about the best option for your need, contact:

John Osasan